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Friday, August 6, 2010
Title: 06/08/2010
Date posted: Friday, August 6, 2010;
Time started: 5:42 AM
Posted by: Eileen

feels very tired today
i really hate it but i dont know who to tell it to
so i write my feeling here
today custormer maybe not many, but because of system error so i was busy of this
since we were busy, so my collegue didn't like last time wanted to do much or less
maybe they also know system error, so do less wont so busy after that
but i dont know why have to be like this,
this all is a collegue should be like that ma?
than when going to end work le the few minutes got few custormer come in and wanted apply passport...i remember is three,
so the three custormer is me do also
why when going to end work i have to do it, why not they do? i never say i am not happy doing it but why everyday is like that
all they wish is can end work faster and go home earlier,
than i dont wish to go home early le ma?

dont say le
says le also wont change anything

lets me tell you all something happy, me and him going to 1 years le...this 10aug is the date:)
we decide to book chalet to celebrate^^
so excited and looking forward to it
bye to my friends here who listen to my feeling
i will write my feeling again
and last of all

dear i love you and misses you


It's just a another post. 5:42 AM.


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